Roma ★★★★★


Alfonso Cuaron's filmography is like a blistering light, a light that is hope for the future of cinema. With each new picture, the light grows, and impact comes. Hes a director that can do both big budget movies like Prizoner of Azkaban, and small movies like Y tu Mamá También. With his directing style being different and unique. In Children of Men and Gravity, he controlled the camera and manipulated each scene to go excatly where he wanted it to without stopping. Taking each frame and making it perfect. In Roma, long takes is the key. Allowing you to digest and discover things in a scene. Making you understand why this is so long, and why theres a long take when someone's walking. 

It simply doesn't have many flaws. Its perfect in its filmmaking, and an example of how film should be done. It definitely isn't for everyone, it can be quite boring due to the long takes and how uninteresting it is. That didn't happen for me. Roma's story seems pretty simple, since its been done in so many movies. But Roma executes it in a special way, a way that seems different and more advanced. Its a beautiful movie, with so many unique and incredible shots. The beach scene being the first to come to mind. Cleo (The main character) would risk her life for a kid, even tho she can't swim. Its a quite slow movie that are only for the patient ones. 
Cuaron is definitely La vraie force du cinéma

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