The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★★


Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is the movie that made thousands of fathers come back to their son, and tell them "Insert name here, I am your father". It brought happiness to the whole world, well, not George. A sci fi masterpiece is what it is. Its the sequel to the blockbuster, Star Wars, which came out 3 years earlier and managed to shock audiences with its effects and blockbuster-y. However, this was a bit better. It was darker and more spectacle. The story was amazing and the pacing is excellent. Entertaining, entertaining, entertaining. And its maybe, just maybe, flawless and perfect. The opening is great. I absolutely love movies with snow set in them. I dont know why, it makes for a good immersion and setting. The special effects are great. I think it still holds up. 

The first act is excellent. Its a perfect opening act for the movie. It manages to excite you, and makes you beg for more. The second act is great, but a downbeat from the first in my opinion. Just didn't have what i wanted, but still a great act. And then comes the last act, which is amazing. Especially the fight between Luke and Vader. Its a fight with emotions, and with lots of badass-ness. Vader's voice just screams iconic. Everybody should take notes of the characters. Cause the characters are so well written. And the chemistry between them all is so great, it feels like their linked. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Han Solo, Harrison Ford is ths perfect casting for him. Same with Leia, Carrie Fisher is perfect playing her. I also like Mark Hamill as Luke, but i could see other people playing the part. It seems like a fairly easy part to play, but his chemistry with Ford and Fisher is amazing. 

The movie screams nostalgia. I think this is the best Star Wars movie. Its the one with the best casting, story, pacing, dialogue, structure, and enjoyment. But RoTS is pretty enjoyable too. And the first Star Wars is, in my opinion, the second best Star wars movie. Its amazing. But i cant say the same for Return of The Jedi. Dont get me wrong, i think its good, but a downbeat compared to the first two. It doesn't have the same feel, and maybe thats a good thing. But not for me it isn't.

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