The Pianist ★★★★½


As you walk through a desolate town, you see bodies laying around. A hole in their head, and blood in your heart. You keep walking, surely this can't be the worst thing you've experienced? You've seen a old disabled man being tossed off a balcony, with no hesitation and emotion displayed. Or is it? Your family was taken from you, people you loved died, and still, your walking. You're just a pianist, you play the piano. That's all you do. And here you are, out of all the millions of people, you somehow managed to survive and go through all that pain and carnage. You truly are high up in my book, i have great admiration for you. You can walk through a town, crying and traumatized from what just happened, dead bodies everywhere. Tools and items tossed out, blood and emptiness everywhere. And you keep running and walking dreaming that one day, this all will end. When this is all over, what will you do? You go back to the hopeful music we all need

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