Tenet ★★★★


So i know i badmouthed the movie alot, but i heard how much more people liked it on a rewatch. So i bought a ticket, and went to watch it in the theaters since its the only good thing out in the theaters now. And i gotta say, i love Tenet SO much more. I kinda feel stupid for saying those things about this movie in my last Tenet review. And the key reason i like it more, is that I understand it. Thats it. When you understand a Chris Nolan movie, it will make it that much better for you. I had a amazing time. It has spectacle and a good story.

The structure is weird, but makes more sense on a rewatch. The character development is amazing. The score is good. The way the movie moves is smooth in my opinion. The action sequences are awesome and better than Inception. The cinematography is beautiful. And i might like it more than Inception and some other Nolan movies on a third rewatch. You fully appreciate on a second viewing. Now if you excuse me, I'll just buy another ticket ✈️

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