The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★

A big movies-as-albums year apparently, this one is even laid out with a convenient track list. The Rohmer comparisons check out but for that 12-chapter reason I see it more in the Vivre Sa Vie camp. Even though this has a clearer narrative progression than that movie, I was still watching it with the mindset that each chapter was another success and that the movie up until x point was hitting all the marks, like it was a 12-problem test or something. The only chapter I wasn’t crazy about was the podcast one, which I felt conveyed both Aksel and the podcast lady too caricaturistically for the satire it was going for. That said, I liked how jam-packed some chapters were and how minimal others were (like VSV), and in the same vein how sparingly the magic realist elements were implemented. One of the year’s best didn’t want it to end etc etc

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