Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Looking back at last nights films, I think Inside Llewyn Davis would have to take the cake as being my fave of all of them, purely because of the beautiful music that we got to listen to for 105mins, I would have loved more of it tbh and I went on a hunt today to try to find it on spotify.

Oscar Isaac's vocals were like absolute silk, there were some other great singers too, but as soon as he started singing it made my heart happy. The rest of the cast were just a bonus on top of his singing.

It was a pretty easy going film, nothing too heavy. Llewyn Davis was a bit of a twat, but you couldn't help but want him to succeed. There were a few holes in the story, well maybe not holes, but loose ends. Like what happened to the valet and Mr Turner. And did he ever get to meet his kid? I know they're not real people, but it would have been nice to get closure lol.

The cat bit was quite amusing, I couldn't stand Carey Mulligan's character, what a bitch HA! But I liked all the random little side characters though, cracks me up how JT always plays an absolute git. I just really enjoyed this film. Well done to the Coen bros on this!!

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