Killer Joe

I'm still quite disturbed by this film. Its one of those rare movies, that I'm not going to give a star rating to, because I felt quite icky after watching it (like Shame).

First of all, it was NOTHING like what I thought it was going to be. I never would have expected something like this from McConaughey that's for sure. The whole thing started off in a REALLY weird place for me. Its not often that I consider turning movies off when I'm more than 10-15mins in, I'm one of those, I gotta finish it so I don't have to watch it again kind of people haha. Anyway, about 20mins in, I wasn't convinced, I just thought, this is utter crap, the story isn't really going anywhere and feels really disconnected at times, there's unnecessary nudity and then there's that whole scene with Joe & Dottie, following their I know it didn't say exactly how old she was and I'm guessing maybe she was 19 or 20, but i reckon she had the mental age of a 12 or 13 year old, so that really did not sit well with me and nearly pushed me to the the stop button. But then, the story played out a little more and I guess I got curious about what was going to happen...

Now if I thought I was uncomfortable watching the early scene with Joe and Dottie, I was in for a rude awakening, when 'The Last Supper' scene came about. Seriously, why'd it have to be KFC, I love KFC and that was really...who the F thought of that?! That was some seriously disturbing shit. Which leads me to McConaughey and his ridiculously amazing performance. I physically felt disgusted by him and I never trusted him right from the beginning. He had this alarmingly cool and calm way about him, that is only a quality that a complete psychopath possesses, like maybe how Tom Cruise acts in real life and makes even more sense why Christian Bale used Cruise as his inspiration for Bates in American Psycho, but I digress. Although this scene was completely unnerving, something like this really needed to happen with his character (not just the chicken but the whole scene) to really bring the viewer and the other characters back to the reality that they were dealing with a sociopath, because I feel like everybody, viewers and characters, had been lulled into this false sense of security by his charm and charisma, to the point where we thought, he's a pretty good guy. So he really nailed this role.

While McConaughey was the absolute stand out, all of the supporting cast did a great job and you really had to feel for Chris towards the end, what a total idiot that guy is, it really was a comedy of errors, by him and his whole family, which the final dinner also encompassed really well.

And I guess, finally, that very last shot, such an inception moment. It's very rare for a movie to be able to pull this type of scene off and while I was initially disappointed, because I really wanted to see what would happen, today I think, na that's exactly the kind of ending that film required. So overall, I think by the end I had enjoyed the movie, but the beginning really didn't work and I did feel totally grossed out on a number of occasions. Looking forward to seeing other people's thoughts now.

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