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This review may contain spoilers.

The Last Jedi: An Essay

Buckle up.

I will try not to babble, but it has been known to happen. And there are MAJOR spoilers, so please stop now, if you don't want anything ruined for you.

I enjoyed it more the second time around. I saw it in 3D the first time and I've decided that I really don't enjoy 3D anymore. Not only do I have to concentrate to hard on the images, especially the very fast moving ones, but also, I think the quality of the image is diminished. So, 2D was good and some of the scenes were absolutely stunning; my faves - the final fight when the rebels are flying across the salt plains and the Reylo lightsaber fight. Awesome.

The characters:

Leia: Even after my second viewing, I still think they did the wrong thing with Leia's character. If she was never going to die, they shouldn't have almost killed her or made the threat of killing her. Personally, I think it would have made more sense, even if they still wanted her to use the force, to not have her come out of the coma. Luke could have come to her while she was unconscious, but no, they had to bring her back and then threaten her life again in the escape and they have to deal with her not being in the 3rd one. Maybe I would have felt different if she hadn't really died irl, but I guess I will never know.

Luke: The Last Jedi was Luke/Hamill at his best. This is the kind of performance I expected from the middle-aged, tired and grumpy Batman, when we heard that was coming. I wanted cynical, sarcastic and can't be bothered with all of the shit you've been putting me through all these years. They really gave it to us with Luke and Hamill handled it perfectly. It was the perfect ending for his character.

Kylo: He gets biggest improvement for both character development and performance. The shirtless scene was HIGHLY unnecessary.

Rey: Solid, again. Really great to see her pair off with Kylo this time and not just have it all be about her and Finn. Will be interesting to see if they team her up with someone different next time or if it will be a combination of Finn and Kylo.

Finn: While I enjoy Finn and he had a few really cool moments, I think it would have been a heroic ending for him to die during the 'battering ram cannon' (worst name ever) moment. I think one problem I had on my first watch was that they killed off SO many characters, but none of new leads, which means we still have all these characters to focus on, again.

Rose: Whoever said that she is like the new Jar Jar Binks is an idiot. Rose adds so much to the new universe. She keeps Finn in line on several occasions, even to her own detriment, she stands up for herself, she fights for what she believes in - even when it's standing up to a hero of hers. Rose is epic. However, she also has THE WORST scene in film. Why they found the need to have her kiss Finn after saying that corny as line and then do the terrible pass out moment. SMH.

Holdo: I thought after reading 8 million articles and talking it to death after the last time, that maybe I would have been more sympathetic towards Holdo, but I STILL really didn't like her and the way she was written. She knew that Poe was a loose cannon, why couldn't she just give him something so that he wouldn't go rogue again and again. I know she shouldn't have to, he should just not be a douche, but I just...ughghghgh.

Poe: Poe went full 'fly-boy' and screwed shit up and then they tried to give him this arc where it looked like he learned from his mistakes at the end, but did he really?

Everyone else: The island nuns were the MVPs. Porgs are still adorable and amazing. Phasma was still wasted. Feel very merp about Snoke. I didn't mind Yoda so much, this time around. Why is everyone hating on the crystal foxes so much? I really liked DJ and I look forward to his return. Hux was greatly improved - i like that they played on his ridiculousness.

For all those complaining about the legacy and SW should be this, not that etc etc, tbh I couldn't give a flying fuck about any of that. I think shaking things up a bit is a good idea - they can't just keep making the same shit over and over again.

Overall, I'm super happy that when the movie finished, despite the fact that I had someone's knees in my back for the majority of the film, I still had a smile on my face because I had enjoyed myself and I'm excited for what they do next.

Sorry this was so long, if you've made it this far, thank you, I know you've probably already read a bunch of other stuff about it and I've brought nothing new to the discussion, but I'm happy to talk it out some more if anyone else wants to.

Late edit: I wanted to talk about Canto Bight as well, because I know there was a lot of chat about it. I think, despite the fact that people have said the movie could have done with out it, that it was one of the strongest sequences of the film. It looked stunning, it is clearly introducing one of the future Jedi's and most of all, it has the biggest message in it that we, as Earthlings, can relate to. It was probably my favourite part of the film the second time around.

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