The Village

The Village ★★★★

You know what...I've finally gotten over my distaste for The Village.

Bryce Dallas Howard is SO fucking good in this. Like seriously. She outshines the multitude of awesome actors in this film. She is so goddamned god.

Back in 2004, when I was 17(?) I went to see The Village in the cinema. And I ALWAYS have remembered how annoyed I was when I discovered the twist. It disappointed me to no end. And I hated on this movie ever since.

I knew one day I would eventually watch it again and I finally did yesterday and I really bloody enjoyed it.

Whatever people have to say about Shyamalan, that's their business. Personally, I think he is bloody talented. The way this story unfolds is so interesting and intriguing and just so entertaining.

Really looking forward to my rewatch of Unbreakable, another of his films I didn't really take to when I was younger.

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