Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

Man, it'd be cool if Carpenter and Russell came back to do something with the franchise. I also wish Dennis Dun had shown up in more films. Old review:

Eventually I rub everyone the wrong way.

Big Trouble in Little China is another John Carpenter and Kurt Russell team up that is a highly entertaining blend of action-adventure, sci-fi, horror, martial arts, and Chinese mysticism. It’s awesome.

Russell plays unlikely truck driving “hero” Jack Burton and he’s great in the role as you’d expect. He’s joined by a stellar cast featuring Dennis Dun, Kim Cattrall, and Victor Wong as they battle Chinese gangs, monsters, and an ancient sorcerer. There is never a dull moment as they make their way through Chinatown and the score and sets are excellent. It’s a crazy film, but the 80’s charm is undeniable and it’s another gem from Carpenter that everyone should check out.

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