Creed III

Creed III ★★★★

So it's a Jonathan Majors world and we are all just living in it I guess.

It's kind of weird to not have Stallone in this, but he's not really needed here for this story and it's a stellar sequel in its own right. The plot has an old friend from Adonis' childhood resurfacing and like all Rocky/Creed films you basically know how this will go, but it's elevated highly by the performances. Jordan, Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad are all very good once again, and the kid was pretty likeable too, but Majors absolutely steals the show. He's tremendous and completely believable and manages to be the "villain" while also being sympathetic. It can't be overstated how good he is.

It should be said Jordan also directed the movie and it's nicely shot and the fights are impressive, although I don't know if they are among the best of the franchise, but I did appreciate they did something a little different in the final bout. I also liked the callbacks to the previous Creed films with a couple returning characters and the soundtrack is dope too, so if you are a fan of the series to this point, this is another winner. I also must say that pretty much all the training montages in the franchise make you want to go do...something. So I'm off to shadow box.

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