Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

I want to kiss you but I think I just threw up in my mouth.

This could have been a letdown after Endgame, but Far from Home is a pretty great epilogue and an excellent Spider-Man film. This has all the charm of the first movie, but doubles down on the John Hughes-ish vibes. It's almost more about Peter and MJ's relationship than it is about superhero stuff and it makes for a refreshing take.

Tom Holland is awesome again and the rest of the cast is really enjoyable as well. He has good chemistry with Zendaya and I especially like Jacob Batalon as Ned, who provides a lot of the humour again. The movie is quite funny in general and I also appreciate that they took it to Europe as it gives it a different visual aesthetic than we normally see in a Marvel movie.

Mysterio has always been one of my favourite Spidey characters and I like Gyllenhaal's portrayal. They make good use of the illusion aspect of the character, in particular one sequence in the middle of the film which has a cool Marvel Zombies reference.

Mysterio's arc is fairly interesting and there's also a strong emotional element to the story as Peter struggles with Tony's absence and how to just be a high school kid. Overall it's a great time and also has two of the better post-credits scenes in an MCU film. It might be the best Night Monkey film yet.

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