Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

Even dead I'm the hero.

Far From Home is a pretty awesome followup to Endgame. It's a great Spider-Man story, as well as a pretty good high school movie. Like Homecoming the cast is quite likeable and it's one of the funnier MCU films.

Mysterio is one of my favourite villains and I think he is served pretty well here and the dream-like hallucinations are tremendous. I like that they took it to Europe, and combined with it being a teen movie, it gives it a bit of a different vibe from other Marvel films. The action is also impressive and this has some of the more significant post-credits scenes, which is a nice tease for the next film (congrats Sony on not screwing this up). And now I'm going to go collect tiny spoons and play Beast Slayers.

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