Tenet ★★★★

This is definitely a Chris Nolan film, and yeah, it's pretty good. Technically it's as great as you'd expect with tremendous cinematography and sound design and that sort of Nolan score that keeps you on edge constantly. The plot is pretty complex as John David Washington plays an agent trying to prevent a war and it involves inverting time (which makes for some cool action scenes). Speaking of Washington he gives the best performance in the film, although everyone else is good too.

My number one complaint is how difficult it is to hear some of the dialogue at times. Especially from anyone with an accent. The movie is already complicated and that made it even tougher, which may have been a conscious choice for all I know. It's definitely a movie that is probably better after multiple viewings (and when I can turn on subtitles), but it's still stellar. And it's an actual blockbuster that's showing in a theatre, so go see it.

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