The Mist ★★★½

Well this was uplifting.

Okay maybe not, but it's pretty entertaining. It does feel very much like a King T.V. adaptation, which is not necessarily a bad thing as I tend to enjoy those. I guess it helps that a lot of the faces in the movie are people you'll recognize from television. So while it does lack star power I do like the ensemble cast.

Of course this does have some similarities with The Fog (spoiler: it's not as good as The Fog), although instead of ghosts it's bug-like creatures. They are creepy looking and the film has some good gore, although the CGI is pretty dated. I also like having the film take place in one location and the religious debate between the characters as it adds an extra layer to the movie.

There is the matter of the ending which is as bleak and depressing as advertised. I'm not sure if I'd have preferred something more upbeat, but it's certainly memorable. Overall this is a solid Stephen King entry, and even at over 2 hours, it flies by.

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