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  • The Man Who Knew Infinity

    The Man Who Knew Infinity


    When you know a bit of the real history, behind a movie it is always very irritating to see the endless sequence of imprecisions and false hype in the argument. This movie is yet another example of this. Cliches, exaggeration, and emphasis on the not so important stuff. Really disappointing. But that is the norm, not the exception, so here we have yet another sort-of biopic boring and commercial which tells maybe 1% of the real story, Especially in this…

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    Life as is. No effects, no clichês, just life.
    Painfully real with no props or happy endings.
    It could have been you or me.
    And all the LGBT controversy amounts to nothing.
    This has nothing to do with lesbian love or homossexuality.
    Just people growing and learning to deal with life.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    Great visual effects, boring, boring story.
    This must be a bad adaptation of the books as they seem to be well written.

  • Spellbound



    Great actors, Hitchcook mixing Freud and Dali in a naive manner but still a great movie to watch.

  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    Great movie: argument, cast, ambiance, rythm all works flawlessly.
    And one great thing very difficult to attain is avoiding the cliches in this kind of genre which it does masterfully.