Victoria ★½

Many things are needed to make a good movie. Likeable characters, an interesting story, appropriate pacing and good direction, among other things. 'Victoria' has one, and only one, of these things. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to make this movie, in one continuous shot; and in that respect it's very impressive. However, I hate to say that it fails at practically everything else. Has everyone who gave this a positive review forgotten what makes a good movie? The characters are unbearable and the story is ridiculous. And when a movie is basically all about the characters and their situation, and therefore totally relies on them, it fails because I didn't want to watch them for one more second. The performances are nothing special, and when you add that to the bloated running time, I was left bored but most of all disappointed. The fact that the movie was done in one shot doesn't give it a free pass. What wasted potential.

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