Dunkirk ★★★★½

This movie is an absolute whirlwind it encompasses both a lot of the best of Nolan as well s the worst of Nolan, as a result it has people split either absolutely loving it or hating it as usual with his films.

I'm one of the very rare ones who is neither my grade may seem strong for me to make ducj an statement but besides the ending I was never invested in this filn it scored this high off technical and visual merit with a few bonus points for an powerful ending. To try and better convey how I feel as well as how I arrived at my score I'll break this down into a few departments.

Act 1- not great l, but not bad just kinda in the slow s8de for me 73/100

Act 2- a little better than the first but still not absolutely blown away other than the techinal aspects which I'll touch on later. 75/100

Act 3- great fucking act I really started to get invested into the film in spite of the fact that the characters were never truly the focus, they still did a pretty great job I thought. 95/100

The area Nolan as the absolute master of to borrow words from a friend, "Nolan is not an human, he's an nachine!" And the specialtyfor this particular machine is without an shadow of an doubt the techinal aspect of cinematography. 100/100

Closing sequence- the part where emotions finally are in the lead of the film ! Although I would have liked a little more of this earlier in film in oddly glad that I didn't get it cause it made the ending feel more special for me. . 97/100

Factor in bonus points for what I feel was an amazing job by the actors in an extremely tough spot of never truly being the focus, but merely Cogs in what Nolan was to experience and you get my high grade for a movie that I do not love, but merely love some of the things accomplished in it. This filn falls short of movie of the year but as of now at least is very safely top 10-15 in my humble opinion.

Overall grade 94/100

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