Manhunter ★★★★

“That’s the same atrocious aftershave you wore in court three years ago.”

I adore Michael Mann. He’s one of the few directors who is able to put so much emphasis on the style and aesthetics of his films, and not have it take away from the narrative, and Manhunter is no exception. This movie relishes in it’s unapologetically 80’s atmosphere, and is led by an impressively reserved performance from William Petersen and unforgettable, bone-chilling supporting roles from Brian Cox and Tom Noonan. The cinematography is also wonderful, with such meticulously composed shots such as the ones in Lecktor’s introduction, illustrating how both characters are confined for different reasons, Lecktor literally behind bars and Graham tormented by the horrors he has witnessed on the job that he cannot escape. The climax lost steam a bit for me, and while I loved most of the music use there was an instance or two where it broke my immersion and took me out of the film slightly. Still, I loved Manhunter’s take on the serial killer genre and the decision (fitting with the title) to focus more on the people pursuing the killer, rather than the killer himself. The mystique behind The Tooth Fairy allowed for more intrigue because of our lack of background information and I appreciated the angle of the cop who begrudgingly has to put himself into the mind of depraved men, in order to understand them.

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