Suspiria ★★½


Like I’m used to being confused by movies but I’m at least also used to believing that I’m missing something. This seems to just be a bunch of random weirdness with sprinkles of tension every fifteen minutes or so and a story that clashes with its own subtext. I get that Guadagnino wants us to wait for payoff and let us fill in the gaps ourselves, but when you haven’t given the audience a sense of what you’re trying to do two-thirds if the way through your movie, it’s hard to maintain interest. At least the uncomfortable sound design feels much more appropriate here than it did in Call Me By Your Name, and Dakota Johnson gives a stellar performance. Thom Yorke’s the man too, and I gotta give mad respect to Guadagnino for making a remake that’s completely different from the original in every way but general premise. However misguided this film is, it does feel like it deserves to exist, and that’s not something a lot of remakes can say. However, that doesn’t mean it’s very good.

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