Us ★★

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"Masterpiece, masterpiece!" - This word gets thrown around way too quickly these days. This is not a horror masterpiece but a confused mess and I have no problem standing alone with this opinion. Let me explain myself.

The fundamental problem here is that the film wants to be a thriller, comedy and horror at the same time but ends up being just a weird blend of it all that did not work for me. It was not funny enough to be a comedy, not gripping enough to be a thriller and not intense and scary anough to be a good horror movie. Still, if you do it right, all these genres can coexist beautifully in a single work ("Get Out!?") but what happened here was that genuinely scary moments were ruined by cheap comedy for most of the time, in other moments intentionally scary shots were unintentionally funny and hilarious, the family was suddenly way to comfortable with this whole brutally murdering people thing and the pace of this was really off, too. Also, as more layers to the story unfolded and twist were reveiled there are a staggering amount of undeveloped and dangling plot holes left in the end. And that is something I can only tolerate with a movie that does not try to be taken serious. But here, it's the opposite, this film tries SO HARD to be eerie and deep. Just look at all the "hidden meaning" and "ending explained" videos to "Us" on Youtube or listen to Jordan Peele talk about his work. The "BIG REVEAL" in the end was a joke. For 90 minutes I was sitting there thinking "please don't do that one totally obvious and completely unoriginal "plot twist" in the end"... aaaand then they did it. And let me say this: A film is NOT DEEP and full of hidden meaning just because it does not convey a clear message and leaves everything open to interpretation. This movie cannot entertain merely on the basis of some obscure motives, subtext and allegories. At this point you gotta be real and realize that's just lazy script writing. Or as Jordan Peele phrases it: "I wanna leave some runway for people to explore what it means to them." So stop overanalyzing everything. Man, I love Jordan but if I have to hear one more "heir to Kubrick" statement or more of his cheap interpretations to his own movies like "we have to accept that we ourselfs are in fact our worst enemy..." .... Also, don't come at me with your "there is a monster inside all of us" bs pls and I also don't wanna hear about "horror movies don't need no story", for real. Seriously, at what point is a story considered a story and not just a string of unexplored, half-baked and incoherent ideas? This... story... is laughable. Tell me, why the F*CK are they explaining the WHOLE PLOT TO EACH OTHER in the end when it's literally just the two people who are the only ones who exactly know what's going on for their whole lifes???? Well, I knew something was off when i saw that b*tch taking seven bites from a single strawberry. Anyway, I digress. This is not a masterpiece. I was rolling my eyes too many times to say I was thoroughly entertained. I don't get the hype an I don't get people.

But to end this on a positive note, if I were to give credits to anything here it would be the score as well as Lupita Nyong'o's great performance. "Us" was not as bad as "Get Out" was good to me so I still look forward to Peele's next project and hope for the best!

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