Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection ½

Hooptober 8.0 (2021 Horror Marathon) #8/50

The problem with these movies is that I can't tell if they are trying to put together a coherent product (and failing), or just trying to be bad outright. There could maybe be some humor in the experience if I could decipher which were the case, but no such luck. The first movie did provide a few painful laughs, but this feels like a lame carbon copy with no excuse for not improving on any aspect compared to the first. Frankly, it was just painful to get through. I rarely hand out half-star ratings: this is only my seventh, and two have been for movies from this franchise.

On the plus side, I may literally never watch a worse movie.

Note: The first Birdemic movie is the sixth-lowest rated movie on the IMDb Bottom 100 (and the lowest I've seen by far); and, if this ever reaches the required 10,000 votes, it will likely be even closer to the number 1 spot. Both of them are deserving of spots on that list.

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