Kat and the Band ★★★

There is nothing in this film that jumps out and simply says that it's bad, but there's also nothing in this film that stands out as particularly amazing either. The plot feels familiar enough and the film works its way through some tropes to end in a manner that you could've guessed from the start. It's average in about every way that it can be, but I also can't lay a ton of hate on it as it's enjoyable enough for what it is. I'm not mad that I watched, I'm just very underwhelmed by what it gave me. I think any average audience could watch this and see it as a fine, run of the mill film, but if I'm going to watch a movie about a band trying to find success, there are better movies out there that have done the same thing. If you end up watching this, I don't think you'll outright hate it, but it isn't all that special in any way.