I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

I want to say that Margot Robbie deserved the academy award for this but Frances McDormand deserved it as much. Actually, if I could just split the best actress award into 5, I would.

I noticed the setting first, it's very appropriate for that certain timeline. I won't criticize the plot, the narrative, 'cause it's obviously faithful with the real story. Just watching Margot Robbie portray that character is everything. no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt. PLUS, ALLISON JANNEY. God, I used to just watch her act as a detective or a psychologist. She went way beyond her previous roles. If they could add anything fictional, I'd say they should've given more attention to that guy, Shawn, like how those things he did made his life worse. For the audience to have some sort of satisfaction towards the ending, and not feeling all sorry for Tonya.

I enjoyed it a lot, worth recommending. I'll definitely be watchin more of that Craig Gillespie guy

p.s i luv my son sebastian im so proud he was so precious n he looked so good with those high waist jeans with his shirt tucked in

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