WandaVision ★★★★★

So many people have said for a long time that Marvel "needs to do something different" and that "all their movies are the same" (they do and they are). So it's kinda funny to me that after the first 3 episodes of this there was a lot of "ehh I don't really get it" and "this might not be for me" and then episode 4 rolls all the normal Marvel stuff back in and suddenly everyone's gushing. Am I bitter cuz I liked it from the beginning? Sure! But it doesn't mean I'm wrong!

To be fair I think critics had been pretty receptive to it from the beginning for its weirdness so that checks out, but I think the average person just THINKS they want something different from Marvel. OR they genuinely wanted something different before the world went to complete shit and now they just want their comfort food back. I could understand that being the case.

ANYWAY I'm glad people have gotten on board regardless because this has been a blast. I foolishly thought a couple of times during the pandemic that the drought of Marvel content had actually dulled my interest in the MCU. Now I'm right back on my Marvel shill bullshit! I'm right back to theorizing and speculating and I couldn't be more excited to see where everything goes. The Falcon and Winter Soldier looks like it's going to be going back to pretty traditional Marvel storytelling (which don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited for) but hopefully Loki and Marvel's future output will lean more into the weirdness of what we got here. I'm definitely a lot more excited for the next Doctor Strange movie now!

Nobody needs me to obligatorily remind them that Kathryn Hahn is perfect right?? We all know at this point?? Yeah I thought so.

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