Tenet is certainly not a one watch and done film. Nolan has yet again managed to create a storyline so void of normal structure that it literally caves into itself and then breaks free leaving only a few moments of personal clarity. It’s plot relies heavily on inversion and forces viewers to try and ignore the idea of a linear reality we are all so accustomed too rather quickly, for some this can be frustrating and it took me some time to grasp what was fully happening and even then I’ve told myself I need to watch this again maybe multiple times. 

The sound mixing is as troubling as everyones says it is, you will be able to here things but there are far too many moments where i asked myself “what did he say? was that important?” Not a great position to find yourself in when Tenet’s plot is logistically mind melting.

I watched this film in theatres with a mask on, in my home town which is free of covid-19, knowing what I know now, I’m just gonna wait to watch it again in the comfort of my home with nice big subtitles and a pause button to take it all in. For now, solely on first encounters Tenet isn’t Nolan's strongest film but it is held together by a really fascinating concept worth diving into, i’d love to see more non linear reality plots if anyone has any recommendations.

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