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This review may contain spoilers.

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I know we all think Nick deserved it, but did Margo? Margo didn't deserve this shit. Poor bb.

Gone Girl is sooooo good. I haven't rewatched it in awhile, but I sure do still love it. I adore Ben Affleck's performance in this. We all know Rosamund Pike is obviously phenomenal, but I am always invested the most in Ben Affleck's portrayal of Nick. It's just so interesting watching his storyline. I'm not saying I feel bad for him. I'm saying I love watching him suffer. I also love the characters around him, like the detectives and his twin sister, Margo. Another thing I love about Gone Girl is the production design and locations. I loved the look of the Dunne house so much. It's exactly right. Also, the script is great. I love when the novelist writes the corresponding screenplay adaptation. They know what's important, and the film retains the feeling of the book. The score is obviously amazing. Gone Girl maintains its greatness on every watch, it doesn't matter if you know the twists or not.

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