Lady Bird ★★★½

very slightly spoilery

A film with some real ups: beautiful moments of friendship that truly touched me such as Lady Bird and Danny's hug and Lady Bird and Julie at the prom, the power of friendship is stronger than anything on this earth in my eyes. Also a film with some real downs: honestly the whole Kyle character, him calling Lady Bird 'good girl' made me throw up a bit and the whole mansplaining scene, just embarassing.

But ups and downs are part of life which is something that this film does so well, showing us a realistic portrayal of a young and flawed girl going through life. I'm so happy that this film has touched so many people and that a film, directed and written by a woman about a woman is doing so well. Girls on film and behind films are the future. Also it goes without saying that Saoirse Ronan is an absolutely beautiful star, I adore her.

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