Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★


Reminds me of a Miyazaki film or, perhaps more accurately, feels (to me) like a Miyazaki film; that is to say, absolutely beautiful but, for whatever reason, disenchanting from a narrative optique. The Fantasy elements counteractively work against the sentimental curveballs, simply because they appear to serve no other purpose, making everything kind of seem very "mechanical," and purely functional. I suppose that's kind of synonymous with animated films, in a way, but even something like, say, INSIDE OUT—which is undeniably vying for your affection—transcends such constrictions by going Full-Force Imagination and attempting to exalt palpable sensibility with Make Believe logic (i.e., our "feelings" are controlled by little people inside of us, literally). In contrast, YOUR NAME pangs more like a Sci-Fi Love Story that happens to be animated; really, there's no reason this film couldn't exist as a live-action film. And I'm not implying that Live Action is better than Animation, not by any means, but I'm just not seeing the medium being used to its full effect (to borrow from Miyakazi again, cf. MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, which would be nothing short of a train wreck were it adapted to Live Action with CGI for Toroto, the Cat Bus, etc.). I'm digressing, because even for all of the disappointment of unfulfilled potential, this was notably more emotionally stirring than any Miyakazi I've come across thus far, although it's arguably more melodramatic than it needs to be and—as these things tend to do—wraps things up way too nicely, high-diving into schmaltzville without ever looking back. Supreme eye-candy, though -- some of the best looking animation I can recall. And, for what it is, decent enough to meddle with your soft-side. Just can't shake the notion that it feels like some weird COHERENCE/ABOUT TIME hybrid, only animated and stationed in Japan.

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