High Life ★★★½

The first bit of this movie before the you figure out what's happening was sublime. Monte and his baby girl, floating in infinity, with some saxophones, and beautiful shot composition... S-tier shit. Everything else after that is kinda, you know, it's okay; it's pretty alright.

Shot well, written compellingly enough, but, this might sound terrible, riddled with awful too-cool-for-school French acting. Claire Denis is a fantastic director, and Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth, André Benjamin, and Scarlett Lindsey(the baby acting in this movie is unreal) were all really good, but uh, everyone one else, uh...

Yeah, I dunno, I quite liked it, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you like a little vieux boulogne, if you can stomach a little extra cheese IFYOUKNOWHATIMSAYIN