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  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari

    Add this one to the list of movies me and my dad both understand the appeal of. This movie fuckin rules, everybody go watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix after you leave the theater.

  • Tusk


    This is EASILY one of my favorite movies of all time. I mean this unironically, with the full force of my sincerity behind it. This movie moved me to TEARS.

  • Stalker


    Finally got around to watching this thanks to Hideo Kojima and Kojima Production's "Death Stranding" (a Hideo Kojima Video Game), and wow, yeah, this is a movie.

    Every frame in this movie has such an extreme texture, and how it's almost three hour runtime and molasses slow pacing asks you to engage with its destinctly decripid world was really fascinating. You're given a lot of space as the viewer to let your mind wander. It's less of a narrative and more like a three hour Soviet guided meditation.

    So pretty boring, pretentious stuff. I loved it.

  • Ghosts of Sugar Land

    Ghosts of Sugar Land

    Short enough I feel most people should check it out if they're interested. I would've liked to have seen this as a feature length documentary, because the movie as it stands only explores its subject matter from one (albeit very personal) perspective.

  • The Laundromat

    The Laundromat

    As an exercise in seeing Peter Deming's cinematography for Twin Peaks: The Return get cribbed yet again by a project from a smart director that absolutely shouldn't be using a slightly surreal visual language to convey their story, I'd give this movie five stars.

    It's okay. Parts of it kind of really suck, or seem like a Progressive auto insurance commercial, but parts of it I really enjoyed. The script is more or less tight. Meryl Streep.

  • Motherless Brooklyn

    Motherless Brooklyn

    Eh... this is movie is maybe the most cliched noir I've ever seen, and while that does at times feel deliberate in terms of the tone it's trying to capture, it never quite hits the mark. Nothing happens, nothing is resolved, but not in a way that hints at a deeper mystery or level of intrigue. Performance throughout are really solid, and I more or less liked all the characters. The movie also makes motions towards progressive politics, but has about as much to say as a late night talk show. All told, the movie succeeds at being good wallpaper, but not really much else.

  • Parasite


    Yeah it's as good as everyone says it is. Maybe the best movie I've seen this year.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    Really REALLY enjoyed Dafoe and Pattinson's performances, no surprises there. Egger's directorial riffs off Bergman were also, you know, really cool and unique. Ultimately, though, I felt like the movie was kind of disappointing in that it felt like my expectation for what would be revealed (both in substance and in style) was let down. The movie certainly boils up to an ear piercing whistle, but the pain of experiencing that didn't stay with me as long as I'd hoped.

  • High Life

    High Life


    The first bit of this movie before the you figure out what's happening was sublime. Monte and his baby girl, floating in infinity, with some saxophones, and beautiful shot composition... S-tier shit. Everything else after that is kinda, you know, it's okay; it's pretty alright.

    Shot well, written compellingly enough, but, this might sound terrible, riddled with awful too-cool-for-school French acting. Claire Denis is a fantastic director, and Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth, André Benjamin, and Scarlett Lindsey(the baby acting in…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    The cinematic language of this movie makes you feel so uncomfortable and alien, and that's intensely my shit. Can't fucking wait to see Uncut Gems.

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    The thing that makes David Lynch's movies work despite how disturbing, abstract, or outright boring they can sometimes be is that he's usually a master at making you empathize with his characters. They're usually good hearted people caught in worlds they don't deserve to be in, they're genuinely funny, or sincere, or woefully pitiful. So it's disappointing that the main reason this movie didn't really click with me is that I just couldn't give a shit about Sailor and Lula,…

  • Good Boys

    Good Boys


    Genuinely shocked at how good this movie was. It only does what it needs to do, but within the barriers it sets for itself it just executes. Also this script is really tight, there isn't really a wasted moment or minor detail. It went a little over the top in a couple of moments, but besides that the comedy was a lot sharper and endearing than I had expected, and I loved it for it.
    Bean Bag Boys for life.