Promising Young Woman ★★★★

First off I want to give a big thank you to my good buddy Sam for recommending this to me!
Because this is one ferocious beast of a movie.
I could talk about the editing, the cinematography, the performances, the music, but I would literally be adding jack-squat to the conversation because you all already know that.
However, the reason why I haven't given it a higher score (or the 'mastapiece' grade) is simply because I think the themes are far too lenient for a film surrounded by this type of subject matter. And I feel that on a rewatch that could lead to the film being a little too emotionally distant for my liking. But we'll see. Because this film absolutely deserves a rewatch from me.
But still, after all this, what is there truly to take away from this experience? That's right! MEN ARE TRASH

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