The Help ★★★★

I watched this in preparation for the book. And only 3 chapters in I can already tell you how much better the book is written and crafted.
That is not to say this isn't great... cause it is. I just think the book brings a level of authenticity and emotion that you only get the surface level inside the film.
Without a doubt, all the performances are off the charts in this. Each and every person gives it their all and it is magnificent to see so much talent put forth by everyone. And while I do say that the book captures an essence of emotion far better than this, the tears were certainly streaming down my face for the majority of this experience.

I've been having to focus on school (which is a factor why I haven't been watching too many movies lately). So sorry for no content from me, but I'll definitely keep you all updated with the things that I'm doing.

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