The Queen's Gambit ★★★★½

The Queen's Gambit is a mini-series that I highly encourage any individual to watch. And that is coming from a person who has been surrounded by groups and herds of people who beg me to play a game of chess with them... but I often refuse because it's just not my thing.
But not only did this piece of film exploit my love for chess that I hadn't had the slightest clue of it being there. It presented me with a story filled with characters who furthermore felt like people that I could walk beside in the journey the series travelled.
And that is coupled with the series' nature and emotion it gives off, which is utterly enthralling and keeps you on your toes of every situation and instance. Among the amazing performances, editing, direction etc. It paces itself in a way I haven't quite seen before in a product like this. But beyond that what makes the series even better is how it doesn't ask for your interest, it doesn't beg for attention, it only shows you what it's constructed and asks you to come along for the ride.

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