Teddy has written 6 reviews for films with no rating during 2020.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Full review coming soon.
    I had to hold myself back from the emotions coming through. But I'll let it all out soon...

  • Anna Stalken

    Anna Stalken

    Anna Stalken?
    More like Anna Walkin!!!!

    Sorry, I really tried with this one. Go check it out from my man Luke, he's pretty cool.

  • Mask Patrol

    Mask Patrol

    Congrats Luke! If you haven't check it out already please do! I always love giving credit to creators who really try and you can see it in this. It was very well edited somehow (please Luke, teach me your ways at making a mocumentary well edited). And was quite funny actually. I love the style of it and UHHHGGG it was such a joy to watch. Please give it a go!

  • The Missing Pizza

    The Missing Pizza

    Keep going Sam!!!!!

  • Hair Love

    Hair Love

    It's insane how much this film accomplished in 7 minutes...

  • Nefta Football Club

    Nefta Football Club

    That ending tho!!!!

    Gonna be rooting for this to win at the Oscars tonight.