Lamb ★★★½

“She’s not used to strangers.”

Lamb is a surreal Icelandic psychological-horror movie that unfortunately, especially considering that fantastic trailer, doesn’t fully live up to its potential.

A couple living on an Icelandic farm one day find themselves with the responsibility of taking care of a lamb-human hybrid.

It’s a strange concept that is executed well. The lamb itself is symbolic (it’s not an X-Men thing) and I think the symbolism in the movie is handled well and is very interesting to watch.

It started off okay, though I felt it lacked a sense of purpose. As the film went on, after the first twenty minutes or so, it started to become much more interesting. Occasionally the pace of dragged, mostly towards the end, but picked itself up quite quickly at the ending.

The highlight of the movie was the stunning cinematography. Iceland was the perfect place to film the movie, from the beautiful mountains surrounding the couple’s farm to the cold, frosty fields that give the film its unnerving feel.

The acting is great from all cast members, especially Noomi Rapace who conquered the screen whenever she was on it. She was very realistic in her role, and her burst of emotion towards the end was quite moving.

Unfortunately I can’t say the film made a huge impression on me, as I couldn’t connect with it as much as I wanted to, but it’s still undoubtedly interesting to watch.


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