Lamb ★★½

A bit underwhelming, with a middle section I'm not even sure was needed? (Please make a case for the Icelandic Ron Swanson-brother turning up apart from being Maria's guilty conscience near the end).

Because this film is so sparse and minimal (esp in dialogue) there's a lot of speculation. Is this a film about yuppies who run a farm bc "back to the land" is cool but fundamentally don't understand nature? If so that would explain a little bit why Maria and Ingvmar never once ask the question of "who's the daddy" and instead just assume god has given them a gift bc bourgeois gonna bourgeois. That was their first and fatally last mistake. The other clue: who names their dog "Dog" except for assholes?

Bonus thought: The cat knows more than it lets on. The whole film should be retold from the cat's pov. The cat didn't even get a name? (again: assholes!)

Extra credit: great animal acting from all involved. Much sheep. Very baa. This stuff must have been hard to film.

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