The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Oh brother, this was quite the time!

Antonio Campo's interesting adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's novel of the same name is certainly an experience I won't forget... for better or for worse.
Truth be known I am a little split on this one, in the traditional sense this truly is a banger of a film: incredibly atmospheric, masterful sound design and cinematography and just flat-out phenomenal acting. On a purely theoretical level, this film is a masterpiece.
Nonetheless and maybe I'm just too immature to see through it but GOD DAMN this film was as dark as the bottom depths of Wookie Hole. (if you aren't from the UK I apologise) but in simple terms The Devil all the Time takes no prisoners and is relentless in every aspect of its storytelling.

THE CAST. two words. Robert Pattinson. Shake my smoothie this fella knows his way around a creepy preacher, his performance is a stand-out because of how immersed Patty was in his character, almost too immersed!
It was reassuring to see Bill Skarsgård smash it out the park as something other than Pennywise (all I have seen him in thus far, his dude loves evil I swear) and Tom Holland is just what the doctor ordered as young protagonist?? Arvin Russel. Solid performances from Sebastian Stan and Eliza Scanlen were the icing on this rather tumultuous cake of a film.

All I can say is.. if you've got no tendency to be squeamish or even remotely uncomfortable around blood and certain death, check it out. Will you enjoy it? I can't make any guarantees. But without question, The Devil All the Time is a well-made film that made a whopping dent in my Wednesday evening.

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