After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

essentially marty’s tour de force detour, done to let go of all his pent-up emotion and frustrating creative dead-ends navigating the hollywood labyrinth, before finally getting back in the office by the end of it to make Real Movies again, even if this is just as important of a film in his career evolution.  feels like, looks like, and plays out like an accelerated karmic release helping to identify where a person is stuck in their life and how they decide to move forward in spite of escalating strenuous circumstances.  everyone goes through it, no matter the scale or situational elements.  a test of suffering and resistance from yourself/god/life itself to allow for more grace and wisdom in your perspective.  a new set of circumstances deriving from who you once were. re-emerging as a richer being with full clarity and less emotional, physical, sexual, and mental residue.  maybe scorsese’s most spiritual film, somehow, while also being definitely his most absurdist. 

would be perfect if not for how every female character fits the “crazy horny chick” bill without much nuance.  oh well.  once i heard “Is That All There Is?” come on the jukebox, i knew this was special.  here’s to finding something human within all the madness.  or just embrace it all.  even if you do remain stuck in an office job, it’s the thrills of life that make it all worth it in the end.  happy belated birthday, maestro. 


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