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  • Twin Peaks
  • Dekalog
  • The Exorcist
  • Raging Bull

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  • Inland Empire

  • The Northman

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

  • The Elephant Man

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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    Ranks among the most excellently crafted works and is full of wit and personality. It also contains some brilliant performances from this incredible cast yet I just couldn't find anything to fully attach myself too. Similar to the feeling I had with Dune, I feel as if the enjoyment I had with this film will stay within the seat I had at the cinema.

  • Titane


    This movie rivals Eraserhead for worst meal ever eaten during a film… Which is actually a good thing. It won the Palm d’or so I’m sure someone out there can tell you why this film is a masterpiece better than I could. But what I will say is that this film will be one of the most original films you will ever experience.

Recent reviews

  • Rope


    My favorite Hitchcock film I’ve seen so far. I’m a sucker for a good chamber piece and who other than Hitchcock to make one of the best of all time. Right from the opening minutes Hitchcock sews his strings right into your shoulders and plays you like a puppet and as soon as James Stewart enters the film….. it’s game over.

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


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  • 37 Seconds

    37 Seconds

    37 Seconds is a brave film that I feel is accomplished in its deeply felt emotion but unfortunately doesn’t really get it’s thesis across in a successful way. I love the way the film looks and sounds especially when it dives into a drawing the character is working on! I love when a movie can successfully break the boundaries of reality in a successful way! This film does that extremely well! But when diving into the narrative structure it feels…

  • The Last Cruise

    The Last Cruise

    Cant believe they forgot the burger patty and cheese on that guys burger