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Favorite films

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • WandaVision
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

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  • Magic Mike's Last Dance


  • Magic Mike XXL


  • Magic Mike


  • The Maltese Falcon


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  • Love & Death

    Love & Death


    I am no better than a man. I, A GAY MAN, would also have an affair with Elizabeth Olsen if given the opportunity

  • Babylon



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What a great way to start 2023! Babylon truly is a 3 hour love letter to cinema and a hate letter to Old Hollywood.

    There are a lot of nods to old Hollywood stars and references from movie scenes of movie history. For instance, I noticed right away that the kiss scene between Lady Fay Zhu and a woman in the first act was an homage to the kiss scene of Marlene Dietrich in Morocco. Scenes like that prove that…

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  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie


    Luigi: “that is not a commercial, that is cinema!”

    Luigi is so me coded

  • The Casting Couch

    The Casting Couch


    if the next guy I hook up with doesn’t ask “don’t you think that is a Daisy” when I take off his underwear, I’m leaving

Popular reviews

  • Blonde



    I have been waiting for this film to be released ever since the set photos of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe was released in 2019. I had recently read the book in preparation for this film to get a taste of what to expect, and I’m so glad I did. To dive right into this fictional horror story of Marilyn Monroe’s life with no preparation at all would have been even more mentally draining and terrifying than it personally…

  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest



    I’ll be starting December with this piece of exploitative fiction, which I love so much, as I jokingly consider it a holiday movie solely for this scene