• Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy

    Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy

    I haven't rewatched this (...yet?) and my memory is too fuzzy for me to do a proper write-up but this is one of those movies that I remember so vaguely/nobody talks about that if you told me I hallucinated it I would believe you.

    Uhhh hmm only things I remember:
    -I was six years old when this came out and had a plastic neopets uni toy that I chewed the horn of while watching this
    -I think there was a…

  • Broken Toys

    Broken Toys

    There are a lot of classic cartoons that are just unwatchably racist and Oh Boy Is This One Of Them

  • The Cookie Carnival

    The Cookie Carnival

    This is probably my favorite Silly Symphony, but like a lot of classic cartoons I can't really recommend it in good conscience due to having some split-second line-of-sight racism in it.

    I thought it was really fun and sweet (haha) though, there are some bits that get some laughs out of me, and I love the level of detail on the animation (there are some bits that practically look 3D! In 1935!!!)

    Also sometimes I just randomly have the angel food cakes' song running through my head lmao

  • Hound



    This has a lot of fucked up looking dogs doing weird things in it but you can really tell this was made by someone who absolutely LOVES dogs.

  • Catsing Call

    Catsing Call


    I love cats so there's definitely some bias here but this is one of those short films I just keep thinking about and coming back to. I like the dad cat, I wanna be his friend.

    Also any time I see a group of cats on Instagram or whatever and there's a little black one I'm always like "OOOHHH THE LITTLE BLACK ONE 😭", and that very much applies here too.

  • Nightmare in the Morning

    Nightmare in the Morning


    More of a music video than a coherent narrative, but quite possibly the most ambitious and visually stunning student film I've ever seen. Also the song slaps

  • The Sea Beast

    The Sea Beast

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Enjoyed it a lot but I felt like it kind of had some pacing issues at times and fizzled out towards the end. I kinda didn't think the beats they were trying to go for at that point really landed and I'm really tired of "you can't kill the oppressive figure because that makes you just as bad as them :((( " kinda narratives.

    Also I feel kinda sad that there's no more adventure after all of that? You can…

  • Teeth



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    what the dog doin

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    This movie is good as cuss

  • Marmaduke


    I haven't actually watched this but I fucking hate that Netflix cancelled Bone, Boons and Curses, and many other promising animated projects, but somehow decided to greenlight /this/ and figured it would be a sure moneymaker.

    If they cancel Nimona or the umpteenth attempt at the Gorillaz movie again I am going to hold this over their heads.

    (Also that's probably some of the ugliest stylization I've seen in a cg movie in years. Jesus.)

  • Electrocuting an Elephant

    Electrocuting an Elephant

    I mean I could be funny and quote that one Bob's Burgers bit like everybody else but Thomas Edison sucks and the fact that he did this also sucks

  • Gorillaz: Charts of Darkness

    Gorillaz: Charts of Darkness

    Oh my god this is on letterboxd lmao

    Jamion has lived rent free in my head for over a decade now.