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  • Space Thunder Kids

    Space Thunder Kids

    I love funnybad stuff but the only funny thing about this "movie" is the trailer-like intro with the announcer repeating "SPACE THUNDER KIDS" over and over. The idea of a movie so lazy that it just uses footage from other animated shows and movies and haphazardly throws them together with a bare minimum of coherence sounds funny in theory, but in practice it's just mindnumbing to the nth degree.

  • Date Movie

    Date Movie

    Watching this with others almost makes it worth it but, nah, it really just sucks too much (shocking, I know). I watched this last month and I already struggle to recall anything that happened, it tries to be over-the-top and all that but at the end of the day for how extravagant these parody movies try to be they can't even leave any sort of lasting impression.

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  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    This western is somewhat interesting in how it tries to deal with racism in a more nuanced way than the typical western of the time, but it's rather awkward nonetheless. John Wayne's character (Ethan) does express blatantly racist views, holding his sort-of-nephew Martin in contempt for having "Indian" blood, but when Martin demonstrates he's a good guy and Ethan maintains his prejudices, it becomes clear that we're not supposed to be entirely sympathetic towards our (anti-)hero. He may demonstrate courage…

  • Harakiri



    The (infamous?) disembowelment scene ranks up there with the movie Come and See and the Human Condition trilogy - not coincidentally from the same director - as one of the most uncomfortable things I ever sat through in cinema. I adore this movie, I can only describe it as perfect.