Suspiria ★★★½

So, Suspiria.
I really enjoyed this film, I may not have completely understood it the first time watching it and definitely do think I’ll watch it again to further understand it. 
The directing definitely wasn’t traditional or what I am used to seeing, but I loved it completely, some shots were kind of fast pace but I didn’t mind at all, it made it intriguing.
I loved how there was only a limited amount of scenery and it made me feel like I was limited to and trapped to that and only what I was saw which was also brilliant.
I really liked the acting and portrayal of the characters.
Some scenes were very fucked up, and weird but they were done very very well. I wouldn’t consider it scary as much as I wouldn’t chillingly beautiful. I really admire the art in this film.
I think my favourite parts are the ‘dreams’ they’re extremely disturbing but they’re done very well and I like them a lot
Overall I really did like this movie and would absolutely watch it again, I think it’s about a 7.5/10 for me

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