The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★★½

Haven't been surprised with how much I loved a movie in a long time. I know time loop films generally don't miss but The Map of Perfect Tiny Things might even be the most thoughtful, beautiful and emotionally engaging of them all. It reflects on every question the plot device opens up with a mix of natural teenage feelings and thought-provoking maturity, shot in a very naturalistic way while also having some elaborate and purposeful long shots.

Why are the two protagonists actually stuck in a single day, are they supposed to be enjoying themselves, improving themselves? Is it to observe all the little special things that happen around them in life and/or take action on them? Is it because they haven't figured out who they want to be or moved on from someone close we're about to lose? This movie entirely explores the time loop genre without forcing teenage romance down your throat (which was what I feared).

As of this writing, the movie seems really underappreciated and I don't think "teenage Palm Springs" should be a knock cause they're both great and explore very different kinds of characters (also they were shot at the same time so it's unfair to call one fresh and not the other).

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