Tenet ★★½

“Ignorance is our only protection.” Unfortunately, not so for the audience. Secrets are only fun when you're not playing catch-up for 150 minutes straight. Because then they’re exhausting. Suspense requires foreshadowing, foreshadowing requires the sharing of information. Without sharing ANY information with the audience, you’re not building suspense, you’re just assaulting them with information they don’t know they need to know, and punishing them later for not knowing it.

Funny thing is... i actually liked this movie! More than the other mindfuckers, Inception or Interstellar. Again, hypercool concepts. Again, exposition substituted for heart. This time though, presented in a kind of dumb, oblique way. Could have been far more entertaining if we knew what the hell we were watching throughout. Designing a movie so that you cant understand what happened unless you watch it multiple times with a map is an interesting idea in theory, not as fun in practice. Would also really help if the dialogue weren't so stupid. 

Also, Nolan needs to realize we humans can better and faster understand one another if we can see each other’s faces. Helpful when you’re rattling off spitfire expository dialogue the audience cant follow the movie without. 

Feels like Nolan desperately wants to make a Bond film but the studios keep rejecting his non-linear time-fucking wormholes so these are what we keep getting. And they’re right. 

That all being said, the film affected me. I‘ve since been reconsidering my understanding of time, of cause and effect. I’m almost seeing physics differently afterward, and for that i am pretty grateful. Most movies don't do that.

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