The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

As you may have noticed I haven't logged much recently, it's been a mix of not having the time with college and also being burned out, but I have some free time today and I'm starting to actually WANT to watch movies again. It may have been due to this slump but I really enjoyed this in it's first act and most of the way through the second, the build-up was so effective and I was so gripped to the story but it didn't lead to too much. I'll still call this movie good, better than I expected, and you should watch it if you wanna watch something new, but after the first half being so great, the second half was underwhelming and anti-climactic.

Robert Pattinson was great. Bill Skarsgard was suprisingly great and probably the best actor in the film. Tom Holland was... ok, I'm still not sold on him as an actor but his performance is bearable.

Overall, I'd recommend this but it just felt like a weak version of better movies (There Will Be Blood, Zodiac) in many ways. It had so much potential it just kinda wasted for some reason, it feels like there were two directors with one being significantly more talented than the other.

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