Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

I've gotten into some heated arguments with friends about Phantom Thread, who are writing off the film based on its trailer because it (admittedly) does make the film appear to be yet another story about a tortured male artist abusing and manipulating a woman. However, let me say that for those who are hesitant about seeing this, Phantom Thread is much more than what its trailer suggests. It's hilarious, filled with exquisite drama, and explores gender roles, power dynamics, and the fragile male ego in an way that subverts every notion you thought of going into it.

For example, everyone's talking about it being Daniel Day-Lewis's final role, who is quite good, but it's the performances of Vicky Krieps and Lesley Manville that rival - maybe even overshadow - him. The way DDL's character tries so desperately to maintain his superiority and masculinity (his last name is Woodcock lol), but fails to do so over these two women is a major source of the film's laughs and entertainment. Nothing conveys this more than a certain line spoken by one of these characters to Woodcock that made everyone in the audience rightfully lose their shit the two times I saw it in theaters.

Overall, I'll end with this: Don't judge Phantom Thread by its trailer. The film is a lot of fun and is quite funny (intentionally so), and I can see myself watching this many more times without being bored...and this is a literal costume drama, people! Another thing: It's great that Lesley Manville is being recognized by the Academy for her magnetic performance, but Vicky Krieps absolutely should have been nominated as well.

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