Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★½

“Scary movies are the greatest foreplay”
   Imo, this almost reaches the heights of the first film. It does have a few things that hold it back but as this plays on being a sequel, it actually succeeds at being a great one as well. Continues tradition, with an awesome opening kill and as we return to the characters we love so much, it feels like a natural progression. Welcomes another guessing game and does a little better at hiding things. Once again tho, that’s what’s awesome about Ghostface and it’s that anybody can be under the mask. The car sequence is one of the best tension filled moments of this franchise too, yet still plenty more of those in this movie alone and I will say, the final act doesn’t hit as hard as the first movie. Still love it tho. 9/10🔪

***SPOILERS if you still haven’t seen this movie***
I totally see what Craven was going for but I think this franchises biggest mistake, is killing off Randy. I get someone from the OG cast had to bite the bullet, just why my man’s Randy!! 😭 I woulda preferred Dewey and it woulda still hit the same but I’m just glad they didn’t follow through with his death on top of that as well.

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