Suspiria ★★★★½

I like this one a lot more than the original. I’m really glad Guadagnino did not just copy the original. He did his own thing while at the same time remaining true to the broad themes/plot of the Argento classic. The acting in this is great, especially from Tilda Swinton (we need an Eddie Murphy style comedy with Tilda playing like 5 characters). There are some minor things I am not a fan of, like the weird frame rate drop and some of the special effects (especially the effects towards the end), but nothing bad enough to take me out of the film. The original is a movie I still like, but I respect it more than actually enjoying it. This film is something I respect and really enjoy. Might be one of my favorite horror films from the past couple years. If you are a fan of horror and haven’t checked out this one or the original, I highly recommend you do.

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